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Government Contracting

Serving those who serve us!

Economically Disadvantaged

Women Owned Business


As Civilian Contractors, Hoosier Food Service is extremely proud of “feeding our troops” throughout The United States. Because of the important role that proper nutrition plays out in a Soldier’s daily training, Hoosier Food Service meets and excels in requirements as outlined in the Performance Work Statements of each contract. We have extensive experiences servicing all types of contracts ranging from Week-End Drills to 5 Year Contacts. Appetizing menus with high quality, fresh ingredients makes our recipes stand out amongst the best.

Hoosier Food Service also has experience with other Government Nonprofit Organizations and admire the work of those agencies.


With over 15 years of Contracting experience, Hoosier Food Service offers financial stability,

flexibility and a confident staff that Commanders look for. Hoosier Food Service has received many high accolades for our provided services and considers it a privilege taking care of someone’s loved one’s nutritional needs away from home!

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